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FAQ: How to fill various field and source about basic example project

Dear customers,

If it is the first time to visit Aspose.Pdf.Kit, maybe you should read this post at first.

About how to use the features of Aspose.Pdf.Kit, you could read this wiki of Aspose.Pdf.Kit :

About the list of all the classes, you could read this API help doc of Aspose.Pdf.Kit:

About the .net project example, it will be installed in the "Demos" directory after you download and install Aspose.Pdf.Kit .

Any more suggestions about the users guide are welcomed in this post.

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Sorry to ask, but regarding the simple sample, I am not that familiar with ASP.NET and it would be much appreciate if you could post a complete example in an ASPX page. I pasted in the example code but I am not familiar enough with coding to get the VB code to work. I would just to see an example opening a PDF, filling a couple text fields, viewing the PDF, and then saving the PDF as another name afterwards.

Thank you!

Dear brendalizallen,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Form.
The attachment is a simple project which is opening a PDF, filling a couple text fields, and then saving the PDF as another file.

Another complex project is in your installed demo directory, which is about bulk filling data from the database to the fields.

Any other question is welcome.

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The pdf template created by Adobe Designer 7.0 has a particular field name criterion which is different from the earlier version.

About how to fill the fields and get the exact field name in these pdfs, please read this wiki
and this thread <a href=".

Best regards.