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Fast way to clear cell formatting for new table rows?

In Microsoft Word, if you apply formatting to a cell or row within a
table, the formatting is also applied to all subsequent rows that are
created afterwards. Can you provide a method that overrides this
behavior and creates a new cell/row without any formatting?
Something like:

RowFormat.Clear() and CellFormat.Clear()



Thanks for suggestion. I have added it to our defect base as Issue #838. We will inform you here in this thread when/if this feature will be implemented.

Is there a good work-around?

None at the moment as far as I know, except writing the metod which resets all necessary properties one-by-one.

You can use several ClearFormatting methods for Borders, Font, ParagraphFormat and Shading. And also ClearPadding for RowFormat.

RowFormat.ClearFormatting and CellFormat.ClearFormatting methods are implemented in Aspose.Words 3.5.2 which can be downloaded from: