Faxing- Emailing- mailing barcodes and their durability


We’re working on a project that requires that we send documents with barcoding on them in the aforementioned three ways. They will be sent back in any combination of the same three ways.

We would like to be able to scan the returned documents with a high success rate(over 95%, first scan). Which code type, based upon the ones available with Aspose.BarCode would be most suitable.

Thx, in advance.

Ed Best, Maritz Inc.


Dear maritzinc,

Thanks for your post.

Depending on the barcode study, Code128 could be a better choice for the least misread rate in the linear barcode standards.

Symbology Worst Case Accuracy Best Case Accuracy
Code 128 1 error in 2.8 million 1 error in 37 million
Code 39 1 error in 1.7 million 1 error in 4.5 million
UPC 1 error in 394 thousand 1 error in 800 thousand

However, we have to note that there are some other factors also have great impacts on the accuracy. For example, the quality of the barcode scanner, the resolution of the printer, and the image quality of the barcode images.

Therefore, it could be sensible to make some testing in the actual product environment.

Finally, according to my own experience, the 95% success rate could be easily achieved in the average status.


Thanks, Kyle.

So far the Code128 is working out for us. Truly appreciate all the good information.