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I am considering using Aspose.Powerpoint for a future project. I’ve spent the last couple hours looking over the main feature-list, the forums and the programmers reference and there are a few features that seem to remain ambiguous:
1. Stablely import charts from Aspose.Cells (formally Aspose.Excel). In the forum I have heard from people trying to import excel charts, but there may be a stability issue. Will I need to use Aspose.Charts for this? I also saw people adding OleObjects (as Excel charts) to their slides - is this documented anywhere else?
2. Can new powerpoint files be created from scratch? This functionality is mentioned on the main feature page, but from several forum questions, it seems that that is some kind of work-around…



Dear Kyle,

1. If you don’t need to edit charts after creating then Aspose.Charts will be the best solution.
If you should edit it in MS PowerPoint then you have to create Excel charts and add OleObject.
But in this case you will have “Object Changed” image by default instead of chart.

2. We are preparing hot fix with this feature. It will be available in a couple of days.