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Salam Alaikum Mr. Ikram, Ramadan Mubarak.

1) Why doesn’t Aspose have the auto detection feature for the OMR? Many competing software(but not api’s) have this feature, of which you only draw an rectangle for the section, and it auto detects the values and sections. Is Aspose planning to add this to its features any time soon? This feature is critical for pages with skews and alignment problems.

2) What type of image is recommended? High resolution or low resolution? Grayscale, color, or black & white?

3) Some times, its required to know whether the respondent has multi selected or left it blank. Because sometimes, test would give a blank answer a score, while giving a wrong or multi selected a score. The grid element returns blank space for both multi selection, and blank. And creating a choicebox for 150+ questions is not a feasible solution. Is there a way to detect blank or multi selection within the grid element? Or maybe force the grid element to return different values for blank and multi selected?

Thanks for your amazing support.
Hi Hope,

Thank you for your inquiry and Ramadan greetings.

1. Aspose.OCR API does not have this functionality. However, a feature request has been created into our system with ID OCR-36053. Our product team will look into it. We will update you accordingly via this forum thread.

2. Aspose.OCR can work with low DPI image but it is recommended that image should be of 300 DPI (at least) and image must be gray scale or black & white (not colored). The image must be page scan. OMR on photographs is not supported.

3. This is to update you that Grid Element does not allow multiple selections. In case multiple selections are marked on the OMR scanned sheet/form then the Grid Element will always return the first selection. You have to use Choice Box element if you wish to acknowledge multiple selections. Furthermore a feature request has already been logged into our system with ID OCR-34290. This feature will take care of the functionality to distinguish between blank answer and multi selection of answers. This feature will allow the user to manually change some of the extracted data results.

Hello Mr. Ikram.

Any updates? Where the features requested taken into consideration? Are they on the way?


Hi Hope,

Thank you for writing us back.

We had restructured the Aspose.OCR API because of the performance issues and restructured API is much better as compared to the older one. Now our team is working on improving already supported features and languages.

This is to update you that the feature requests are still unresolved. It will take some time. Furthermore we are planning a big update for Aspose.OCR API and I am sure that these features will be a part of that big release.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.