Feedback needed - Aspose for Microsoft Business Solution


We have released Aspose.Words for Reporting Services, which is just the first product for the first product line built for Microsoft Business Solution. We're thinking the following product lines together:

  • Aspose for Reporting Services
  • Aspose for SharePoint
  • Aspose for Dynamics

Here Aspose mainly means our file format components. Now we're collecting feedback from our existing customers and potential customers if you need our product teams to wrap existing file format components into some extensions or add-ons for Reporting Services, SharePoint, Dynamics, etc. Hopefully these extensions or add-ons can well address your file format manipulating needs within these business solutions such as creating, editing, converting, reading, writing, importing, exporting, etc. Now we're seriously listening so feel free to follow this thread to post if you think it's necessary for us to do that. Thanks for your input in advance.