Feedback - regarding all products


There are some suggestions that I want to share:

- The FreeTextBox control I'm writing this text into seems to be failing on making a new paragraph, thus suffering from the ability to make bullets or lists. Mabye you should upgrade to a newer version (

- There should be a forum "General" for posting miscellaneous topic like this one. And it should not be named like a product e.g. do not call it "Aspose.General".

- Regarding your documentation files: The animation on the top of every page is really really really anoying. Through its movement it automatically attracts the readers attention, therefore making it much more harder to read the actual content.



Dear Uwe,

Thank you to share your experience with us.

1. We will upgrade the forums and other stuff like the blogs to Community Server 1.0. After that you will feel better to post in the forums, including upgraded FreeTextBox.

2. is not only used to name products but also name our projects hosted at From your saying I notice it’s confusing and I will look into any consideration to avoid such confusion.

3. We will be removing the flash animation ASAP, replacing it with static new company logo and new navigation bar, hope you will like it.

Will you purchase any product? If yeah mention this post then Merit can create a coupon code for you to give you 10% discount off. Please note if you have purchased a product we would not refund such 10% but this offer is valid for any next purchase.


Thanks for your quick feedback!

1. Cool, I’m looking forward for this Smile

2. Yes, it is really really confusing. Since I’m rather unaware of your products. Would be better to group forums for products and forums for other stuff into two different "sections"

3. Thank you!

I hope that I can purchase a product, since I must convert HTML -> PDF. I evaluated Aspose.Pdf and currently try whether HTML -> Word -> PDF will work with your components. If yes, I will purchase. Thanks for your offering.