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File Conversion Capabilities

Received : 2007/09/23 10:45:34
Message : Dear Sirs,

I would like to ask a few questions, as I am considering purchasing this product:

1- Can I use Apose.Words to read PDF, DOC and DOCX files and convert them to HTML format?
2- Can the conversion be done in memory or only via files?
3- Do you intend to develop a version for C/C++?

Thanks and best regards,
Hossam Mahgoub
President and CEO
AlKhawarizmy Language Software

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Thank you for you interest in Aspose products.

1. Aspose.Words can export in all these formats. Importing from PDF is not intended because of its different nature. Aspose.Words for .NET will be able to load DOCX files by the end of 2007. On coming soon features you can read in our FAQ:

2. All conversions can be performed in memory. For instance see this for saving to a stream:

3. We don’t intend to develop C/C++ version. To use Aspose components in unmanaged code COM wrappers should be considered.

Please let us know if you have further questions.