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File Creating in ReadOnly Mode

Hi all,

I need a small help. I have one excel file called adwords.xls. When i double click on that it is giving the message that "file in use". it is opening in read only mode. I want to open that file(The file is in tab delimited format) and save the same file in (Default format).

Please see my code snippet.

Workbook workbook=new Workbook();"e:/filename.xls", FileFormatType.TAB_DELIMITED);"e:/filename.xls", FileFormatType.DEFAULT);

please help me how i can do this.



Hi Bertha,

I tried your codes. It works fine.Please post your file and code. Do you want to open the file with Excel after the you create file with Aspose.Cells? Please open the file after the application is completed.