File is damaged

File is damaged when is converted to PDF by ASPOSE

PLT_0007 - 2 - Politica de Porta Vozes v.02 (71.3 KB)

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): WORDSNET-25006

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Do you have an estimated date for delivering the issue fix ?

@everaldo.mafra @everaldo Unfortunately, the issue is not yet scheduled for development. So currently there are no estimates available.
As a temporary workaround you can save/open the problematic document as DOCX. In this case the document is rendered properly:

Document doc = new Document(@"C:\Temp\in.odt");

using (MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream())
    doc.Save(ms, SaveFormat.Docx);
    ms.Position = 0;
    doc = new Document(ms);