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I am posting here, but it is a more general question. In a web site, users can choose any type of file, and I wish to show it in a browser, while being the lease dependent on the user’s applications. The main files I want to show are Word docs. I haven’t checked in for a while on the newer Aspose products. Is there a file viewer that can show Word docs without downloading any controls? If not, what Aspose product might help be a generic file viewer, showing every different kind of file? (not video though, but all the different graphic formats, MS Office docs, pdf, etc…)?


Thanks for your request. There is no document viewer control. Using Aspose.Words, however, you can generate Word documents preview. For example, you can use XPS to achieve this. You can find an example here:
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Can the documents be edited in this control, or any other you have? Could the doc be edited, saved and sent to a printer from the web?


Thanks for your request. Using XPS you can just show the document preview. Aspose does not provide UI controls for editing documents. There are a lot of good products in Internet, like “TX Text Control”, “Subsystems TE”, “Text Dynamics”, “Rad Editor”, “ALLText HT/Pro”. Also there are some web-based editors like Buzzword, Google Docs, ZohoWriter.
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