Fill-In fields- IsTemplate=True

Hello there,

I have a word template with mail merge and fill-in fields.
After mail merge I save the template as .docx file and in the output, I want to retain fill-in fields so that user when open the mail merged document can type-in for fill-in fields manually.

In order to retain fill-in fields in output doc, do I always need to save my documents as .dot/.dotx files?
Also, I found Document.IsTemplate property in some posts, is it available in Aspose.Words current version

Thank you!

Dear Nutan,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately MS Word executes fill-in fields for templates only. If you set up Document.IsTemplate property to true Aspose.Words resets it to false during saving due to normal document (.doc, .docx) are not templates.
So only way to retain fill-in fields in output always save your documents as .dot or .dotx.

Feel free to ask more questions if you have any concerns.