Finding the Ranges associated with the Cells



We have an application in which we automate a huge business process through excel seets and we are usign Aspose Cells for the Java. We have a requirement in which - given a cell we should be able to find all the ranges the cell is part of? The only way I could think of is to find all the ranges in the given worksheet and check if the given cell is part of the range. But I would think this may not be a very efficient way of doing this. Is there a better way of doing this, something like (NamedRange[] cells.getAssociatedRanes()), which I can use. Any pointer that you can provide on this will be of much help.

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Hi Malay,

I think currently there is no direct way (same wth MS Excel) to do the task except for scaning all the named ranges and check whether the cell is a part of the range(s) using Aspose.Cells APIs. We will check the feasibility if we can add this feature.

Thank you.


Hi Malay,

We have to seach all the named ranges in the workbook to find all the ranges the cell is part of. Now you could not do it because the current version could not tell you whether the cell and range is in the same worksheet.We will support it soon. Should the method name be cell.getAssociatedRanes()?


Hi Malay,

Please try this fix.Please call cell.getAssociatedRanges() to get all named range which contain the cell.