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First Batch Primavera MS Project XML (cannot open)


I've received my first batch of MS Project XML files generated by Primavera (Oracle).

The first few I tried - I was unable to open them (object not found). These files are from the same training course I am using for the MS Project testing. So the results should be the same for the Primavera files.

I have only taken a quick look at the files - however, I do see some additional tags - such as .

I've attached the full set of XML files I'll be using for tests. They go from initial task entry to resource allocation etc.

Here is what I'd appreciate: You mentioned a release might be coming up ... I'd not like to delay that release as there is a lot I can do with a new version. I'll delay Primavera testing (possibly another month) to give you some time to look at any areas that might need some tweaking..

If you do find that they do open, I'll re-look at my interface and see what might be causing the problem on my end.

Regards, Bruce

(NOTE: The attached files are MS Project XML files not Primavera Native XML files.)


A quick update ... Workshop 19 2003 actually opens in MS Project 2002. (so some compatibility).

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

I will check this after the new release.

Hi Bruce,

A new issue ‘Oracle Primavera XML files compatibility.’ with id = 13973 has been created and linked to this forum thread.

The issue has to be fixed in the intermediate Aspose.Tasks version (see attachments).

Also, see in the attachments a screen shot with MSP 2007/2010 warning. It looks that you have some problem with your project data (see task 18; the task has to be finished before it starts). MSP 2003 processes the files correctly but MSP 2007/2010 return the warning and can not recalculate the projects. See mpp and xml files with recalculated data by MSP 2003 (can be processed by MSP 2007/2010 correctly).

Hope it helps.

Let us know in case you will have any problem with Oracle Primavera Xml files reading. We will continue the testing from our side.

Hi Sergey,

Brilliant!!! I was just about to start a build - I'll check this version out!!

I also appreciate the problem you pointed out ... I do get the message and it is on my list to investigate.

Regards, Bruce

Hi Sergey,

I confirm I can read and save the Primavera XML files. I see the problem with loading the files and will investigate.

At least I can now get people to do meaningful tests with the primavera files. Thanks very much.

I have also determined that I am not getting values for resource.standardrate and reource.overtimerate though they are in the rate tables. I do get meaningful values from MSP.

On the other hand, I'll be looking at using the rate objects rather than the resource level rate information.

Thanks for the build!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regards, Bruce

Hi Sergey,

Just a quick update on the exploration of Primavera XML...

I'm now understanding the structure of their files ... and can see that I'll need to use some of the extra capabilities of Aspose.tasks to get the information structured properly ...

One area that has surfaced is the way they use Summary Tasks. It appears to be necessary to be able to identify a 'Summary Task' that does not have any child tasks. The documentation for 'IsSummary' indicates read/write boolean ... however only seems to only have a Get. In the current implementation is the IsSummary set (=True) when the child count > 0? or is there a way to pass through the IsSummary = true w/o child tasks (or set the value?) BTW: I understand why this is being used this way (it's related to the US Project Management Standard).

More to follow in the next week..

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Yes, there is an error in our documentation. IsSummary is a read only property. It’s true when the task has children and false otherwise. It is like MS Project works.

A new issue ‘Correct Task’s IsSummary property documentation - it is a read only.’ with ID=14672 has been created in our corporate issue tracking system. This month build is on staging now, so the issue has to be fixed in March release.

Thank you and sorry for inconvenience.