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First read of cell errors: problem in 3.6.2 but not in 2.9.3


We just upgraded from 2.9.3 to 3.6.2. We did this to take advantage of the MaxDataRow property. In our current deployment, we are reading Excel (2003) files that are uploaded through an ASP.NET form. We run through the fields in each row, validating the data in them. With the latest version of the component, we occasionally detect an invalid piece of data, even though the data in the field is correct. By clicking upload again (essentially run the exact same code against the exact same Excel file), the validation passes. So it appears that something is going wrong with the component when it reads particular (seemingly random) cells for the first time.

Is this a known problem? If so are there Aspose.Excel versions that provide the MaxDataRow property without this problem?



Hi Michael,

It seems that SetLicense method is not correctly called. How do you call the license code? Please try to open and save the uploaded files to see if the license warning worksheet is removed.

For license issue, please check .