Font-Family Is Not Inherited Correctly when Converting Slide to SVG Image in C#

Dear Aspose,
please see the bug when font-family is written correctly in attribute of element but not correctly in style causing malfunction to browser:
image.png (43.9 KB)

more detailed (what you see when font is missing on your device):
Bug-977482-Wrongly-Inherited-Font-Family-InStyle.png (105.8 KB)

Sample application attached: (363.3 KB)

Tested on various Aspose.Slides versions up to version 24.5 (bug is still present). Tested on Windows 11 and up to date AzureWebServices (also running Windows).

As you can see main element is font-family Smart Symbols (but same behavior was observed also with other font-families), then sub-element is also of family Smart Symbols here and its sibling too, but another sibling is Arial (which is shown properly in font-family attribute but incorrectly in style witch says: font-family:inherit;

Best Regards

Thank you for contacting support. I am working on the issue and will get back to you soon.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the problem you described. I used Aspose.Slides for .NET 24.5.
My output SVG file: (5.2 KB)
We need more details on how to reproduce the problem you are experiencing.