Font is not supported

Dear ASPOSE team,

We are a developers team at EverTeam-Intalio Company.
We have a license from aspose and we have two fonts that are the main requirements for our project but they are not supported in aspose library.
We would like to request to add them so we can finish configuring our project.

The two fonts are:

  1. Sakalla Majalla
  2. Effra

Please respond to our request.

Software Engineer at Everteam-Intalio.
may.alrefaee@intalio.comstrong text

@malrefaee Could you please specify what exact Aspose product do you use? Also, please attach the problematic fonts here for testing and describe the scenario in which the fonts are used. We will cehck the issue and provide you more information. (747.8 KB)

we are currently using aspose product, the Aspose.word : aspose-words-15.9.0-jdk16
and the fonts we are using are

@malrefaee Thank you for additional information. Unfortunately, it is not clear how to reproduce your problem. I have tried using your fonts in the document and fonts are handled properly:

Document doc = new Document();
// Specify fonts location. The specified folder contains only the fonts you have provided.
doc.setFontSettings(new FontSettings());
doc.getFontSettings().setFontsSources(new FontSourceBase[] { new FolderFontSource("C:\\Temp\\fonts", true) });

// Put test content into the document that uses the fonts.
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);
for (FontSourceBase src : doc.getFontSettings().getFontsSources())
    for (PhysicalFontInfo info : src.getAvailableFonts())

// Save the test document as DOCX and PDF."C:\\Temp\\out.docx");"C:\\Temp\\out.pdf");

out.docx (7.3 KB)
out.pdf (18.1 KB)
They are properly embedded into the PDF document:

Also, you are using old version of Aspose.Words for Java, which was released more than 7 years ago. I would suggest you to use the latest 23.1 version:

could youمذكرة معالي النائب.docx (145.9 KB)
please try this word file if the font generates properly from your side

and if you have any recommendation of how to make this file generate properly from our side

@malrefaee Your document is converted properly using the latest 23.1 version of Aspose.Words for Java:

  • PDF docuemnt produced by Aspose.Words: aw.pdf (102.7 KB)

Also, you should note that by default MS Word uses font open type features. Aspose.Words.Shaping.Harfbuzz package provides support for OpenType features in Aspose.Words using the HarfBuzz text shaping engine. You should enabling open type features to get the result closer to MS Word’s result. To achieve this you should add reference to Aspose.Words Shaping Harfbuzz plugin:


and use the following code for conversion:

Document doc = new Document("C:\\Temp\\in.docx");

// Set fonts sources if required.
doc.setFontSettings(new FontSettings());
doc.getFontSettings().setFontsSources(new FontSourceBase[]{new FolderFontSource("C:\\Temp\\fonts", true)});

// Enable open type features

is it possible to download the latest 23.1 version of Aspose.Words for Java while our license is for this current version (aspose is 15.9.0 related to asposeWords ) ?

we also have the license on (aspose 21 related to asposeWords ) is it possible to get the latest version with this license?

@malrefaee Every Aspose.Words license provides a 1-year subscription for free upgrades to any new Aspose.Words version that comes out. You can use any Aspose.Words version released before the subscription expiry date.

You can check when your subscription expires by opening the license file in Notepad (but take care not to modify and save the license file or it will no longer work) and see the SubscriptionExpiry field.


It means that you can free upgrade to version of Aspose.Words published before 02/18/2022.

Also, you can request a free 30-days temporary license to test the latest version of Aspose.Words without evaluation version limitations.