Font name/properties problems



i'm trying to generate a PDF report in arabic with font "Traditional Arabic" using the following code.

Dim HeaderText As Text

HeaderText = New Aspose.Pdf.Text("نموذج ")

HeaderText.TextInfo.FontName = "Traditional Arabic"

for some reason, when the report is generated, it is not using the font i specified. instead the used font is "TraditionalArabic"

do you have any idea why the space is removed between the two words?

- another issue:

the text should be bold and italic. when i set

HeaderText.TextInfo.IsTrueTypeFontBold = True

the text is correcytly bold. but if i add

HeaderText.TextInfo.IsTrueTypeFontItalic = True

the text is neither bold nor italic.

how to solve this?




Thank you for considering Aspose.

In the current version of Aspose.Pdf, Arabic font is not supported. You can only use common font such as Times New Roman for Arabic text. We will support Arabic font but I don't think we can support it in short time.