Font Style in Hebrew Language Is Not the Same when Converting PPTX to PDF in C#

Hello, I am using Aspose version 23.2.0 for .net 6, to converting PPTX file to PDF format and ran into a problem with font styles in Hebrew language (the font is not the same).

  1. OS Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit
  2. .NET 6 Framework
  3. ASPOSE 23.2.0
    4.code_pptx_to_pdf.png (35.1 KB)

Below an example:

Thank you for contacting support.

Please check if the fonts used in your presentation have been installed on the operating system when the conversion was performed. If the fonts are missing, they will be replaced with others.

You can also load the fonts as external fonts using the FontsLoader class before loading the presentation like this:

FontsLoader.LoadExternalFonts(new string[] { fontFolderPath1, fontFolderPath2 });

Documents: Custom Font

I hope this will help you. If the issue persists, please share the presentation file and the output PDF document.