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For HTML to PDF in Java: What rendering engine is used internally?


For converting HTML (with inline CSS) to PDF in Java:

  1. What HTML / CSS rendering engine is used internally?
  2. What version of CSS is supported?
  3. Are there any CSS tags specifically not supported?
  4. Is HTML5 supported?

Thank you!



Thank you for contacting support.

We are gathering the information and will update you soon.



Thank you for being patient.

Idea of our CSS/HTML renderer is loosely based on ApacheFop project (which is mentioned in license file as well). However, it is only the idea which is based on that. Implementation is completely our own.

Aspose.HTML for .NET completely supportS CSS 2.1, except aural properties (azimuth, volume, speech-rate, etc.) because they are not supported by our output formats (XPS, images, PDF).
Regarding CSS3 support, its specification is under construction and the most chapters are far from at least stable state ( However, we have implemented a lot of ‘candidate’ properties when they were requested by customers.

HTML5 is supported, but only partially because we have limitation of output formats. We do not support some features, for instance, User Interaction, Location and Orientation, 3D Graphics and VR, Local storage etc. However, we have supported features which are quite suitable for the devices, such as: Canvas 2D graphics, extended list of form field types, etc.

We hope this will be helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.


Thank you!

Is the CSS support the same for Java?



Please note that Aspose.HTML for Java is auto ported version of Aspose.HTML for .NET so the shared information holds true for both of these APIs.