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Forced linebreak in segment?


I’m considering the pdf component. In my testing i haven’t found a way to force linebreak in a segment.
Is it possible? And if so, how?

Thanks in advance!

Dear bill007,

Thanks for your consideration.

Line breaking is not supported currently. But I have planed to support it. It will be available in one or two days.

Dear bill007,

Thanks for your consideration.

Line breaking is now supported. Please download hot fix 1.5.28 here.


I just got the same comment from my client (we bought our licenses a couple of months ago), using the last hot fix I can include \n in the text and I get a line break in the PDF, but the text “\n” is included literally at the next line. Should I use another code for this? I tried adding just , with the same effect.

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Dear didier,

Thanks for your consideration.

"#$NL" is used to force line break in a segment. For example:

this is text content
#$NLbegin a new line

I apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced.


When using multiple segments inside a tag, using “#$NL” to force a line break in a segment seems to reset the PositioningType declared in the tag for the following segments.

For exemple, in this XML template code :


The content of “labelNotice” is not directly under the previous segment, it is left aligned.

I’ve also tested with PositioningType=“PageRelative”, and I figured out that it resets the PositioningType to “Auto”, but only when more then one segment is used.

This works fine:


This doesn’t :


Can you confirm this or point out my mistake? Thanks,


Dear Dominic,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

This seems to be a bug of Aspose.Pdf. I will fix it soon.