Form Data Extraction


I am developing a solution to upload completed msword forms to the server and have the server extract the data from the forms.

Question 1

In word I am able to assign a book mark to a form field. Don’t seem to be able to get hold of this in the aspose.word object. I only seem to be able to access a form field by index number. Am I correct, or have I missed something?

Question 2

When uploading the document to the server I want to check the “pedigree” of the document and ensure it is the correct version. Can I access any document properties, or is there a clever way I can work around this by putting, say, a hidden custom named merge field in?

Interested in your thoughts, and any code snippets of how to get at the form fields.


Ian H


Hi Ian,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Your observations are correct. At the moment it is only possible to access form fields by index, but I admit support for bookmarks is long overdue (we should have addressed it earlier) and I will be more than happy to include support for bookmarks into our next release due out end of April.

We are also happy to make document properties available in the same release. Just confirm what properties do you need so we don’t overlook them.

If you want a workaround then yes, a merge field will do, you can remove unwanted merge fields later, there is a method for this. There is also a way to mark text in Word as hidden so you maybe don’t even need to remove the field. But it is a workaround and it is bit clumsy, it will probably be cleaner to use document properties.


Thanks for your prompt reply Roman,

Re: your question on what properties fields we need. We could get by on the being able to read and set “Category”. Ideally we would prefer to be able to set the Custom property “Project” as a text field.

Look forward to your next release.

Many thanks,



Hi Ian,

Aspose.Word 1.4 is out and supports built-in and custom document properties. You can modify custom document properties.


Many Thanks Roman.