Form field conversion

I am looking for conversion tools that can convert to and from several formats such as:
Doc -> HTML
Doc -> PDF
PDF -> Doc
The content that will be converted is very heavy in form fields. Can you please tell me how form fields will be handled in the conversion process… primarily from the Doc format to other formats? Will the form fields be dropped, will they be converted to the corresponding form field objects in the target format, or will they be handled in some other way?

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words.
Aspose.Words supports the following file formats:

  • Doc (import and export)
  • Docx (import and export)
  • Html (import and export)
  • Mhtml (import and export)
  • Odt (import and export)
  • Rtf (import and export)
  • WordML (import and export)
  • Epub (export)
  • Pdf (export)
  • Text (export)

When you convert your document between Word formats (Doc, Docx, WordML, Rtf, Odt) form fields will be preserved and converted to corresponding fields in each format.
When you convert your document to HTML (MHtml or Epub, which are also html based formats), form fields will be converted to corresponding INPUT tags.
Regarding converting to PDF. Currently Aspose.Words supports two ways of PDF conversion: direct conversion (without using Aspose.Pdf) and legacy conversion Aspose.Words+Aspose.Pdf. See the following link for more information:
Unfortunately, during converting to PDF using new method, form fields are converted to plain text. This is issue #6798 in our defect database.
However, the old method allows converting Word form fields to PDF formfield. Please see the following link for more information:
As I described above, Aspose.Words does not support import of PDF format. However, you can use Aspose.Recognition to convert PDF document to Word document.
Hope this information could be useful for you.
Best regards.

this may be a silly question; but what ‘style’ or what information should I enter where in my word document to make sure that my exported EPUB file contains a ‘title’? at least I find myself currently with the unpractical case of have a few books named ‘untitled’ which doesn’t really help in selecting the proper one.

ps, sorry if I am asking this in the wrong place


Thanks for your inquiry. You should just set BuiltInDocumentProperties.Title. See the following code:

doc.BuiltInDocumentProperties.Title = "This is title";

Please let me know in case of any issues, I will be glad to help you.
Best regards.

just one more question then. it seems that I am unable to increase or decrease the font size of the epub document once its exported. the base font size is good, but if possible I would still like to find out if this is something that I can change somewhere.


Thanks for your inquiry. Do you need to change font of the whole document? If so, please see the following thread to learn how you can achieve this:
Hope this helps.
Best regards.

Thank you for your interest in EPUB export.
I’d like to correct my colleague since you mean different things. When viewing EPUB we are normally able to increase and decrease font size dynamically. For instance in Adobe Digital Editions there are two corresponding buttons in the toolbar. To make this feature working, font sizes in EPUB must be relative like this:
em” measurement unit in CSS corresponds to the current effective font size. But Aspose.Words outputs EPUB with absolute size values in points, not em. This is a known issue. We’ll notify you when it’s implemented. But we cannot promise any timeframe because good implementation would be quite complex (considering tables, lists, etc.).
Please feel free to share any feedback if you plan to use EPUB format in your applications. We’ll be happy to improve EPUB export for you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 6798) have been fixed in this update.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as 9520) have been fixed in this update.

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