Form Fields Not Being Correctly Returned

template4_1_page_form.pdf (86.7 KB)


I hope someone can help.

The issue I’m seeing is similar to this reported issue: PDF Form Missing Fields but I’m using the java library.

When I try and get a list of the form fields, the full list is not being returned.

Example code:
Set formFields = new LinkedHashSet<>();
try (Document document = new com.aspose.pdf.Document(inputStream)) {
for (com.aspose.pdf.Field formField : document.getForm().getFields()) {

If I use another library (for example PDFBox) I get the correct number of form fields being returned.

I’ve attached the PDF file I am using for testing.

I’ve using ‘aspose.pdf-23.1.jar’.

Thanks in advance,

If the task is the same, then there is no reason to create a similar one. I will write about the PDFNET-49775 task and ask for at least some information.