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Form Fields not displaying after digital signing

I am having a problem where all the form fields on a pdf are not displaying after applying a digital signature. The "in" file displays fine, however on the "out" file the form field data is invisible, unless the field has focus then I can see the data is there.

Using some code like below:

'sign the document

Dim cert As Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Certificate = New Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Certificate("mycert.pfx", "pswrd")

Dim pdfSign = New PdfFileSignature(cert)

pdfSign.BindPdf(strPath & strTempName)

Dim rect As System.Drawing.Rectangle = New System.Drawing.Rectangle(25, 100, 200, 100)

pdfSign.Sign(1, "Test", "", "address", False, rect)

pdfSign.SignModel = PdfFileSignature.VerifySign

pdfSign.CertificationLevel = PdfFileSignature.CertifiedNoChangeAllowed

pdfSign.Save(strPathPDF & strPDFName)

pdfSign = Nothing


Thank you very much for considering Aspose.

Please share the PDF file you’re having problem. The issue seems specific to your particular PDF, and we need to test the issue with that.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

This is one of the pdf I am having trouble with. Thanks


I have seen the file you shared, however this file is showing the exact behavior you mentioned i.e. the field data is only visible when a field is selected. In order to test the issue at our end, we need the original file where the text in the fields is visible without selecting the fields. Please share the original input file with us so we could investigate the issue.

We’re looking forward to help you out.

Here are both files - before & after.



Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for sharing the input file. I have reproduced the problem at my end and logged it as PDFKITNET-10963 in our issue tracking system. Our team will be looking into the matter and you’ll be updated via this forum as the issue is resolved.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.