Formating protected worksheet

We are evaluating aspose.excel. One question we have is that when an excel worksheet is protected, MS Excel give the option to still allow user changing formatting cells, inserting rows, columns, resizing rows, columns, … When the excel file created from aspose.excel, seems like it protects the whole worksheet and not allowing the above actions. Is it true? Is there any work around?


You are using Excel XP, right? Currently the worksheet protection in Aspose.Excel is same as Excel 2000. Is this feature important to you? If so, please tell me your expected date. I will put it in my work plan for future release.

Thanks for the quick response. This is pretty important to us. We are planning to use it in next release of our system. The targeting release date will be middle of June. We would like to make our decision of excel solution by end of April.

I will investigate this feature and complete it before the end of April.


Now this feature is available. Please refer to

Sorry, I forgot to add that this feature is only available in the latest hotfix.