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Formatted value

Hello apose team,

I have a queston for you, when I extract cell form in your code I need formatted value of that cell, is it possible to get that value?

In code I allways original value, wich is ok, but I also need formatted one. One way is to extract value as string, but I have custom format(e.g ;;:wink: that do not shows textin excel but in code value is present.



We have Cell.HtmlString property in Aspose.Cells for .NET. Unfortunately this property is not available inside Aspose.Cells for Java.

Using this property, you can access Html Formatted Value.

As a workaround, now you should read Style of the cell using Cell.getStyle() method and use your own custom logic to implement your requirements.


Well, For the formatted value, you may try to use Cell.getStringValue(). If you want to get the inner value of the cell, you should use Cell.getValue() method instead of getStringValue() method.

Thank you.