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Formatting an existing workbook

I have a customer requirement to apply specific formatting to existing Excel-based reports. The formatting would include things like:

  • changing / setting background colour for cells
  • changing datatypes of cells eg. from string to numeric
  • setting column width to auto-fit
  • adding summary information to foot of workbook based on information in report
  • setting Page Setup values eg. changing page setup from portrait to landscape and setting, or changing scaling to fit to 1 page
  • adding / editing header or footer information
There are some other requirements too but these are the most important ones I’ll need to do.

Can Aspose.Excel do these things on a given workbook?

Also, as I’m planning on using a web interface for users to upload the report that needs formatting, will I need Aspose.Excel or AsposeExcel.Web? What’s the difference?


All your requirements can be done in Aspose.Excel except this one:

"changing datatypes of cells eg. from string to numeric" - I am not sure about this requirement.Could you elaborate this feature?

Please check
for difference between Aspose.Excel and Aspose.Excel.Web.

In your case, I think you need Aspose.Excel.

Thanks for your quick reply Lawrence!

Soemtime Excel adds a single quote before a numeric field value to make sure the number is represented as a string ie.

4 will be numeric
’4 will be a string, although the single quote will be hidden

I suppose it’s just a matter of changing the actual cell value - not a big deal at all.

Anyway, thanks…