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Formatting issues in aspose.editor / aspose.word

Hi ,

We are using the licensed version of aspose.editor and aspose.words in our application , but we are facing the formatting issues. In the aspose.editor we don’t have numbering / bulleting options. In aspose.words we have options of “style” where we can set the list and numbering, but that options dint work.

When some text is copied from word and pasted to the aspose editor , the formatting gets disturbed. The bulleting and the indentation are not the same. Please let me know a solution for the same ASAP.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks and Regards,

Praveen Joshi | Software Engineer | Binary Spectrum | Microsoft Gold Certified Partner |Sun Partner Advantage - Associate Partner

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Thanks for your request. Unfortunately Aspose.Editor product is discontinued starting 24th August 2009. Please see the following link for more information


Best regards,

Hi ,
Thanks for the response.

I am aware about that Aspose. Editor is discontinued but in the below mail Praveen is referring the existing feature which is supported by Aspose.word.Please help out to use the feature

I am attaching some screen shots and code snippets. Hope this will help .

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Thank you for additional information. But, I think you mixed up Apsose.Words and Aspose.Editor. Aspose.Words does not provide graphic interface for editing documents. Only Aspose.Editor had this feature, but as I mentioned Editor was discontinued about a year ago.

So, unfortunately I do not understand, how I can help you with Editor.

Best regards,

Hi Andrey,
Thanks for the response. I do understand that Editor is discontinued, but Unfortunately the existing editor has issues.we cant tell our client the reason that Editor is discontinued and we cannot fix the issue.Since the aspose.Editor is discontinued,we are trying to use aspose.Words features in aspose editor. Please let me know how we can address the formatting issues, as our client wants this issue to be fixed ASAP due to which he is losing his business.

Thanks & Regards,

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Thank you for additional information. Could you please provide me more information about your problem? How can I reproduce the issue on my side using Aspose.Words? Could you please attach the input and output documents and the code which will allow me to reproduce the problem on my side?

Best regards,

Hi ,
I have sent some attachment in 237456. Aspose issues.doc. It contains the details what you have asked for. Please let me know how to resolve this.



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Thank you for additional information. As I can see in your code, you do nothing with document using Aspose.Words. You just open document and create list, but you do not use this list in your document. If you would like to create numbered list programmatically, using Aspose.Words, you can try using code provided in the documentation:


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