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FormField formatting request


Can I request a new feature. I’d like/need the ability to change the font style (bold, italic, etc) of an existing FormField programmatically. Usage could be similar to Word object model where I can do this:

oDoc.FormFields.Item(ref moFormFld).Result = alTemp[j].ToString().ToUpper();
oDoc.FormFields.Item(ref moFormFld).Range.Bold = 1;

I tried the following:

builder.Font.Bold = true;
builder.Write(“Testing not BOLD!”);

But that does not work. I think it is because “Test” is not only a bookmark but it is also a FormField.

Therefore, alternatively, can we have DocumentBuilder handle/format FormFields like it does Bookmarks and MergeFields?

We have many documents that use mostly FormFields and Bookmarks. FormFields are modifiable but bookmarks are not in a (form) protected document.


Paulo Fuh
Old Republic Title Information Concepts

Thank you very much for the request. I think, it is good idea to add functionality like that, but please wait a little, we're looking how difficult technically is it. We will reply you a bit later.