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Forms Authentication

I am evaluating Aspose.Pdf for a project I am working on. I used the “Convert Aspx to PDF” code shown in the documentation within my project. The problem I’m running into is my project uses forms authentication. When I click the button to convert the current page to pdf, the page that ends up converted is the login page. Is there a way to fix this?

Although I am not familiar with this issue, I found some classes such as AuthenticationManager and Authorization in the System.Net namespace. I think these classes may help to resolve this problem.

I am experiencing exactly the same problem with aspx to PDF. I am using Forms authentication in my web application and as soon as I try to create a PDF from an aspx file, the only thing that is exported is the login form.
Is there any way of using aspx to PDF without having to use basic authentication and AuthenticationManager? Can the credentials be used that have been created during login process?

Many thanks for your help on that issue,
Muriel Helmers

Dear Muriel,

Currently we have not supported
authentication directly. You can download the HTML with webClient. You can set the WebClient.Credentials when downloading the aspx data. I am not familiar with this issue so you can search on the web about how to use Credentials.