Formulas Required



I am testing a trial (30 day limited) version of Aspose.Excel and have been impressed with the performance and stability of the product.

My spreadsheet uses formulas extensively. They are not particularly complex formulas, but there are a lot. The problem we are experiancing is that some of the formulas are not being updated when the CalculateFormula method is called. I think it simply because the current version of the FormulaCalculation engine does not support the Formula methods we use. Would it be possible to add the following fomulas into Aspose.Excel:

INT - For rounding to nearset integer. INT(number).

POWER and ^ - for raising a number to a power. =POWER(5,2) and 5^2.

MOD - Returns remainder after number divided by divisor. MOD(num,divisor).

I think these are the only ones affecting progress at the moment.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may give.



Hi Mick,

I will add support for these formulas in calculation engine. It will take about 1-2 weeks. Will it serve your need?


That will be fine. I will still have time remaining on the trial licence to test.

Thank you.




Thank You for adding the formula requested.

I have tested the Formulas added and think there may be a problem with the MOD formula when used in an IF statement. MOD on it's own seem to be working, however, when used in an IF as follows:


Excel returns the correct value, the Aspose.Excel does not.

Please could you take a look at this.

Everything else seems to be working very well, so we are close to making a decision about implementing Aspose.Excel. I hope you are able to help us on this matter.




Hi Mick,

Please try this attached fix.


Thank you Laurence. I have tested the formulas and after a few adjustments to my spreadsheet, now have a fully functional application.

I have recommended that the company purchase the appropriate licenses, which they have agreed to do. So, I will arrange that next week.

Whilst testing the fomulas, I came across another small issue. If a -ve is used at the start of a cell refernce, then the calculation does not work. See the following example:

-B1 * 10

If cell B1 has a value of 5, then the excel result is -50, the Aspose.Excel result is 0.

I have a workaround for this but thought you would like to know about the problem.

Again, thank you for you prompt help.



Thank you, Mick.

There is a small bug in this unary minus calculation. I fixed it. Please try this fix.


Thank you, that works.