FormulaSettings when using MemorySetting.MemoryPreference


Is it necessary to set certain FormulaSettings (e.g. CalculationMode, CalculateOnOpen, CalculateOnSave) when loading/creating a new Workbook with the MemorySetting set to MemoryPreference?

I asked because I think at one point I saw those being set in the example for using the MemorySetting.MemoryPreference option. However, after reading the documentation for those settings and revisiting the example for MemoryPreference, it no longer sets those properties.



Generally you need not to set those settings without special requirement. By default those settings are initialized with the default values same with ms excel when you initializing one new empty Workbook. For example, default value of CalculationMode is “Automatic”. If you instantiate one Workbook from template file, then those settings are initialized with what read from the template file. Anyways, those settings have nothing to do with the memory mode(MemorySetting). We think the example you saw is just to demonstrate some scenarios to use different settings, not denote you must or not set them according to the memory mode.

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