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We’re still having problems (after months :-(( ) with a customer and updating our code to use your new licensing method for Aspose.Word.

Our dialogue with Aspose was availble on this link:

Now our customer has returned from holidays and we need to look at the problem again, only now I can’t access the link at all.

I seem to be logged in correctly and can view all forums as normal (username: stevenjensen) (proof is that I’m posting this message), but when I try to use the link I get a very unhelpful message:
“Either this forum does not exist or you are not allowed to post.”

Please can you recover our forum posts ASAP.

Steven Jensen
Survey-online ApS


I can access the link no problems. Try removing that #21509 from the end, but it works both ways for me.

Anyway I’m reporting the last message from Ben here. Let me know if there are any other questions.

Re: Implementing older version of Aspose.Word

Dear Steven,

Sorry you need change your code to use the new license file. However, just change the only one line to set the license:

Feel free to let us know if we can be of help.

Ben Li
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