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Hi Ben
I would be really grateful if you can shed some light on how you
got the mailing working using webhost4life.
My forums are working fine
However the mailing is not working. I have trolled through the
forums and came across the fact that you use webhost4life. I also saw
the issue with /r/n using Qmail.
The error I keep on receiving is
The username or email address you entered does not exist in the

However when I use the forums from my machine it works fine by setting
the smtpserver to default. If is set it to it
does not work.

Any information would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

Dear John,

Please use the email server ip address webhost4life provide, such as,

For security, I mask some digits.

Does it help?

You’re encouraged to post here further.

Thanks for your reply. i appreciate all the help you can give me.
Where do I find the e-mail server Ip address. Is that the same one i use to access the database on webhost4life?


Thanks for your assitance that is now working.
If you are ever in Ireland be sure to drop me an e-mail. I owe you a Pint or two.

All the best