Freeze Pane Issue not allowing arrow keys to scroll

I am having an odd issue. I am using Excel 2007 and when I use the freeze panes and send my saved XLS 97-2003 file to another user the freeze panes work if you use your mouse and scroll but if you place your cursor in the file and use your arrow keys or page up and down it does not work. If you unfreeze and freeze again then it works. So I have:

sheet1.FreezePanes(“C8”, 7, 2)

I am wanting to freeze the left two columns for scrolling to the right and then the top seven rows. So the freeze point is the top left C8 cell. Any idea why this is happening.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Well, I have tested you scenario and I got the desired output using the Latest Version of Aspose.Cells. The FreezePanes are working fine. May be you are using some older version of Aspose.Cells. Please try the attached Latest Version. If you still face a problem with latest version, please share your template file. We will look into it.

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