Garbled portions (embeded images) of word document after converting to pdf


I am converting a word document(with embeded images) to a pdf. After conversion, most of the images within the document are garbled when viwed in acrobat reader. The text in the document is fine but most of the images are messed up.

Note: i am not sure what type of images they are. I can send you the word document.
I am using aspose.pdf


Dear akarimi,

Thank you for coidering Aspose.

The image type you used is WMF. Vector image WMF is not fully supported in Aspose.Pdf. We have to convert it to bitmap. But I have found the image got garbled before they are added into PDF. I have forward your mail to the Aspose.Word team. We will work together to solve this problem.


Ok, I see the images come out garbled.

The problem happens when Aspose.Word takes a metafile and draws it onto a bitmap internally. I cannot find what is causing the problem yet because we just use standard .NET drawing classes, but I’ll make sure it is looked at.