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Garbled text when cloning

The following code results in garbled text in result.ppt:

Presentation target = new Presentation(“target.pot”);
Presentation source = new Presentation(“source.ppt”);

SortedList slTemp = new SortedList();

Slide sld = source.GetSlideByPosition(1);
source.CloneSlide(sld, target.Slides.LastSlidePosition + 1, target, slTemp);

target.Write(presentationsPath + “result.ppt”);

I’ve attached the files involved in the test.


Text is not garbled but Arial font was replaced with Wingdings.
I will check why it happens, thank you for the report.

Hi Alexey

Did you find a reason/fix for this? I am getting it happen to me when I am clonign slides - it does seem to be something to do with Arial font.

I am running Aspose.Slides v2.4.1.0 for .Net



Problem with normal slides was fixed in last versions but
the same problem exists with masters yet.