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General Network Error

I’m getting an error with this line:

ReportPDF.BindXML(xmlrsData, xslFile);

I get:

"General network error. Check your network documentation."

I have no idea what’s wrong or even where to start to look for this. Any ideas? I have version 1.5.19.


Dear Darryl,

Just a quick note:

It’s not specific to Aspose.Pdf, probably caused by failure to find your xml file.

That’s not it. It works on 1 machine, but not on 2 others. The XML file is being sent in via a string object.

Sorry for the intervention since Aspose.Pdf is not my territory, but maybe these could help to get started:

1. Is it a Web or Windows application?
2. What is the path of the file you are trying to open? Is it the same and used in the same way on all three machines?
3. What is the path of the apllication and Aspose.Pdf dll in all cases?
4. What are the NTFS permissions on the folders if you have NTFS file system?
5. If it’s a web application, what is the account ASP.NET runs under? Is it ASPNET account, does it have enough permissions in all cases?
6. Can you access the file you are trying to open yourself? The program might running under different user account from the one you are logged on and the account does not have proper permissions.
7. Do you use any mapped or substituted drives?