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Generate Java code from PPTX file

I have PPTX file with Charts and layout templets. Can I generate Java code from this PPTX document, using Aspose.Slides library.

I have complex pptx document, can I get Java representation of same using Aspose API, so that I can dynamically generate contents.

Manoj Dhawale


I have observed your requirements and have not been able to understand the requirements on your end. I request you to please elaborate your requirements in the form of source presentation and desired output presentation. I also suggest you to please visit this chart data section link for available examples.

Thanks for reply.
I have pptx created manually, having chart structures, complex tables and templet layouts. Now I have to create these pptx files programatically with dynamic data from DB.

I am referring, and also API classes.(Most of the API classes gives 404, e.g But this does not have elaborated and details about API. Hence finding hard to create Aspose slides programmatically.

Can it be possible in Aspose API, I will provide ppts document and it will create Java code corresponding to it. (Same as from Class diagrams we can produce Java classes and code).
Above is my mail requirement.



I have observed the API reference link shared by you. You are infact pointing towards wrong link. Please visit the below API reference section link for your reference.

Secondly, you can visit documentation articles for many code examples using different API features. If you still find any issue in achieving requirement, please share with us then.

Thanks for Reply,
Issue is when you click on any link for API class (IPresentaion) from the page

It redirects to wrong links as I mentioned in previous comments. Again we have to add java/slides in every link to work. I think there is problem in hyperlinks associated with API classes.



I have been able to observe the issue. We are looking into this issue internally and will try our best to fix this ASAP. For the time being, you may even refer to Aspose.Slides for .NET API reference guide as that has proper linkages preserved. We have similar class structures in both Slides.NET and Slides.Java APIs.

When you IBaseSlide link on Java API page, it redirects to :

Where as it should be pointing to following:

You may even fix the URL by observing the difference as well for now until its fixed.


We have fixed the API docs links issues. You may please verify the same on your end.