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Generate PNG Images from PDF Pages using C# | Deploy on Azure or Use Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.dll via Reflection | PDF Document Reader Plugin

Hi, I am trying to generate a kind of print preview creating PNGs from a PDF document. On my local environment works perfectly fine as well as if I create PNGs from DOCX documents, but when deploying the application to Azure DOCX still working fine, but from PDF documents I am receiving this issue: Pdf document reader plugin cannot be loaded. Make sure Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.dll is referenced in your project and placed next to Aspose.Words.dll I have registered the license and is not working, any ideas?

Thanks, regards


Please download MSI package of Aspose.Words for .NET 20.7 and then install it. You can then get ‘Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.dll’ from the installation folder and try copying it to server. You need to reference this ‘Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.dll’ in your Visual Studio project to be able to process (load, manipulate) PDF files by using Aspose.Words for .NET API.

@maik1 Most likely the problem occurs because Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.dll is not deployed. Since this dll is not used explicitly (it is used via reflection) upon deployment process it might be stripped. Please check that Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.dll is deployed properly. If it is stripped, as a workaround you can try to add code like the following to your project.

internal class LinkerPleaseInclude
    internal void Include()
        Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.PdfDocumentReaderPlugin pdf2Word = new Aspose.Words.Pdf2Word.PdfDocumentReaderPlugin();

Please let us know if the problem still persists.

Thanks, that fixed the issue