Generated barcodes have jagged edges


We have a new application which reads a QR code and, from three values contained therein, generates three barcodes (Code 128) which are stacked vertically and saved as a bitmap. When the bitmap is printed, the lines of the barcodes have jagged edges making them unreadable.

Each barcode is save in a temporary file as a PNG file before being consolidated into the single BMP file. This seems an extraordinary inefficiency. Is there a way to generate each code and write them once into the end result file - could be BMP or PNG. Moreover, is there a way to stream the three stacked barcodes directly to the printer bypassing the need for any interim file.

Lots of questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



It is requested to kindly share sample QR code along with your code for generating barcode so that we could investigate and suggest properly.