Generated PDF Size

Some of the PDFs i am generating come out really large in size, i have a 4 mb AutoCAD drawing that is creating a nearly 20 mb PDF. Are there any tips for keeping the pdf size down?

You can try to decrease quality options, e.g.:

adRasterizationOptions.Quality = new RasterizationQuality();
cadRasterizationOptions.Quality.ObjectsPrecision = RasterizationQualityValue.Low;

But if you can - please, attach file here, we will analyze the reason of big size and try to optimize the entire export process.

@oleksii.gorokhovatskyi Do you have an email address i could send it to? Would rather not upload here if possible

please, send it here:

I confirm that I have received the file. We will investigate the possibility to reduce size in the scope of the CADNET-9313 issue.

hi @oleksii.gorokhovatskyi Any update on this?

@connor.ferguson ,
Unfortunately, this task is still in our roadmap pending for the research, please give us more time. We are sorry for the inconvenience.