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Generating GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked but can not pass the GS1 Barcode verification

Hi Everyone.

I am creating a new thread to track the problem on generating the DataBar Expanded Stack barcode.
the similar issue was dicussied in Reading GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked as well. but it was mix up with other topic

The problem is for the barcode (01)00628250992083(13)200828(10)P200004

The FNC1 would be scanned after (10)P in GS1 Databar Expanded Stack. we are using the hard scanner. I have attached the GS1 verification report and image in another thread.

I want to confirm if the issue have been log as a bug in your end. if so when it is fix ready?

This is a very critical issue for us.


Yes, there are problems with our Databar encoder/decoder. We are currently working on this issues.

Thank you so much. Do you have a time roughly so I can update it with team? This is serious problem that the barcode generated by us but it can be pass our verification.

let me know if any update


Hi All,

Any update on the timing?


We are gathering information about this issue and will share our feedback soon.

Thank you for the update!

Currently we are reassembling DataBar Expanded data encoder and decoder to make them compatible with the standard.

Thanks, Can you share me a targeted date to fix this issue?


I think it will be in 20.9 release.

Thank for the version number. Do you have the rough release time in the plan?


It will be released before the end of coming week.

Wonderful, Thank you for the update!


You are welcome.

Ok it will be added to next 20.10 release(October), because there were some problems. Too complicated data encoding with different variables. It is already ready, bat it needs more tests to be assured in correct encoding/decoding.