GEOJSON -> GPX: InvalidOperationException

Is it possible to add this geometry type?

System.InvalidOperationException: The driver does not support this geometry type
at 0F .0E(IGeometry 02, Feature 03)
at 0F .08​ 05 (Feature 02, IGeometry 03, IFeatureStyle 05)
at 08​ .Add(Feature 02, IFeatureStyle 03)
at Aspose.Gis.FeaturesSequence.08 (FeaturesSequence 02, VectorLayer 03, 02 05)
at Aspose.Gis.FeaturesSequence.SaveTo(AbstractPath destinationPath, FileDriver destinationDriver, SavingOptions options)
at Aspose.Gis.VectorLayer.Convert(AbstractPath sourcePath, FileDriver sourceDriver, AbstractPath destinationPath, FileDriver destinationDriver, ConversionOptions options)

Hi, @nielsbosma

We have reproduced this problem and created a ticket GISNET-1356. We will notify you here as we will have progress with it.


Hi, @nielsbosma
We have explored your request.
We don’t support ‘Polygon’ type but we have field ‘WritePolygonsAsLines’ in our ‘ConversionOptions’.
Please, try to set ‘WritePolygonsAsLines = true’. In this case your example work fine.

ConversionOptions options = new ConversionOptions();
options.DestinationDriverOptions = new Gis.Formats.Gpx.GpxOptions() { WritePolygonsAsLines = true };

Thanks, this worked for me as well!