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Get 30-Day Temporary Licence to Evaluate Every Aspect of Aspose.Words API | Check if License is Applied or not

i have created the temp licence for 30 days but it is not working now.
this licence will expire on 2020-09-13. It was working till friday. but today it is not working
I am setting the licence
new License().SetLicense(licencePath);


Please elaborate a bit more i.e. are you seeing Evaluation watermarks/messages in output documents or getting any exceptions etc?

Please make sure that your are successfully making a call to License.SetLicense Method before instantiating a Document object. Also, please refer to the following article:

In case the problem still remains, then please post your temporary license file ‘via private message’. In order to send a private message with attachment, please click on my name and find “Message” button.

How to apply Aspose.Words License?

We will then investigate the issue with your temporary license file on our end and provide you more information.

yes there is watemark and
Evaluation Only. Created with Aspose.Words. Copyright 2003-2020 Aspose Pty Ltd. in starting and end of the page. after 3 page the message is comming
This document was truncated here because it was created in the Evaluation Mode.

I have used the License.SetLicense method to set the licence.


As requested earlier in my previous post, please share your license file via private message with us. We will then investigate the issue with your temporary license file on our end and provide you more information.


It is to inform you that we had received your license file via private message and it worked fine on our end when using the latest (20.8) version of Aspose.Words for .NET. We used the following simple C# code to test your license on our end.

using Aspose.Words;
using System;

namespace ConsoleApp1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            License license = new License();
            var isLicensed = false;
                isLicensed = true;
            catch (InvalidOperationException)
                // the License.setLicense() method will throw InvalidOperationException
                // for an invalid/wrong/expired license etc.
                isLicensed = false;

            if (isLicensed)
                Console.WriteLine("License is fine");

                Document doc = new Document();
                DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

                builder.Writeln("Hello World!!!");

                Console.WriteLine("License not applied");

            Console.WriteLine("End of process... press any key");