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Get Font name


How can I get the font names of each text in a paragraph
I’m getting FontColor,FontItalic etc for a Portion of a Paragraph, but not the font name. Am I missing something.


Dear ASG,

I’m sorry, it will be implemented in the next hot fix on Monday.
Also type of FontColor property will be replaced with standard System.Drawing.Color.


Is there any new updation on the Font issue. Also, I think location (x,y) of a portion can also be exposed (read only at least), isn’t it.

Also, I think instead of FontColor, FontBold etc. properties seperately, a Portion can have Font itself as a property, with Font having its own properties, things will be more logical.


Dear ASG,

1. Fonts are ready and will be published today at evening together with other new things.
2. Portions don’t have any coordinates. Only whole frame has it.
3. Portion will not have real name of a font. It will have index of a font from Presentation.Fonts collection.

Hi Alexy,

Big Smile Nice to have the FontIndex to get the associated font. And it fills that gap. But there is something more for you in it. Just follow one FontName of a presentation, which is applicable for all the fonts in the fonts collection of the PowerPoint Presentation.

mFonts.a._items[0].FontName "Times New Roman\0?????〇\b\0\0\0?潗」" string

It seems that, there might have been some issue in string handling there. Though it doesn't create problem always since the Null is there, but may pose an issue for you later on.

Another thing might be better yet, if possible, is the FontSize property out of a Portion. I think, it can be exposed.

Thanks a lot,

A question : What the Shape.X property returns actually? Is it location in pixel? I think not, because the value it is returning is much larger. So also any other properties related to length.

What is the unit of length here? Is it editable?

Thanks in advance

Dear ASG,

Thank you for the information about font names. It will be fixed.

Internal resolution of a slide in ppt file is 576 ppi. For example standard width of a slide - 10" or 5760 pixels.
So I’d suppose Shape.X is location in pixels but with not standard resolution.
Yes, it’s editable but I’d not suggest to change it for any possible shapes.
For example after changing location and size of lines or frames in table result will be unpredictable.