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Get MSG property by property's hex name

After loading a Msg email, is there a way to get all kinds of Mapi properties of the message? For example, can I supply the hex property name "00710102" to get the conversation index of message?


Dear becky_bai,

Could you provide me a sample msg file? I need some debugging to see if we can do that. My email is guangzhou#aspose.com. send me your msg file, I will look into it.


It should work with any msg files, basically we will need to functionality to access any standard Mapi property.

Please see the attached, please change the extension to .msg.


Thanks for the reply. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dear Becky,

Thanks for your considering Aspose.

I have done some investigation about your problem. We do not support such feature in Aspose.Network currently.

However, It is easy to support such feature since we already have some internal functions that can read the property from the MSG file. We need to refine the design, then expose the property accessing functionality.

Could you please tell me what's your project timeline? Therefore, We will place a priority to add such features.

Feel feel to ping me if you have any problems.

The timeline of our project is in Mid-May.

One question is: can Aspose handle non email Msg files, like Calendar, Tasks....?

Calendar, tasks are much similar to the pure mail message in MSG file. We will support in the new release.


What is the date of the next release?

We need to know when the next release is that will handle reading all MAPI attributes as well as can read Calendar, Notes,…


Thanks for your considering Aspose.

We will release a beta at the first week of May.

It is appreciated if you can provide a more detail description about your project requirement here. Therefore, we can place a proper priority on the features implementation.


Here is what we need:

  1. We need the ability to retrieve any MAPI property. The properties we need but not found in the current release are:
  2. Message class
  3. Sent date, received date, Creation date, Last modified date
  4. Conversation Index
  5. The ability to extract embedded objects and attachments
  6. The ability to process all format (text, html, rtf) correctly.
  7. The ability to process all outlook types, e.g. calendar, task, appointment…
  8. The ability to save msg files as mht. ( the output shall include all visible info of the message: the to, from, cc…, attachments…and the body).
  9. The ability to deal with foreign languages.

Please let us know if we can expect these in the May release. Thank you!

Dear becky,

Thanks for your considering Aspose.

The development is on going. We plan to place a priority on the feature list 1, 2, 3, 6, which you mentioned on the post.

However, if everything goes fine, we will also implement other features in the coming release.


In addition.

For your email about the

using Aspose.Network

Following our discussion on the forum (responded by iret), <A title=blocked::

I see the following issue:

I loaded the attached msg, and query some properties of the file, such as subject, body, to ……

Please check the reply

[http://www.aspose.com/COMMUNITY/Forums/74557/ShowThread.aspx#74557 ](https://forum.aspose.com/COMMUNITY/Forums/74557/ShowThread.aspx#74557)

So just to be clear you are planning on delivering 1,2,3, and 6 in the beta the first week of May? Then you will move to 4 and 5 for a later date? Can we also get the Eml to Mht changes from the thread: “Saving to eml file to MHT looses data” wrapped in the release?

We just need to make sure those will be a later, but not to later as we need all of this by late May or mid June.


Yes, we will include that fix in next release.

For the remain feature, we will try to delivey it by late May.


Great, we will watch this thread for an update on the first release. Thanks!

Hi, guys,

Do you have any interest in beta this feature? We have made some progress in the development. Check it out.

MapiMessageReader mr = new MapiMessageReader(@"c:\message.msg");

MapiMessage msg = mr.ReadMessage();// parsing message into structured data

//get properties with mapi property tag

MapiProperty mp = msg.Properties[MapiPropertyTag.PR_MESSAGE_CLASS] as MapiProperty;

Console.WriteLine(mp.GetString());//get value of the property

Console.WriteLine(msg.Subject);//get the built-in property of MapiMessage

Known issues:

In this beta, we do not provide parsing attachments and recipients feature. However, we will expose them in the official release.

We will provide more documentation and expose more properties in the coming release.

We can definitely help with the beta. We are in the middle of a release but can give it a try later in the week or early next week. Send is a link to the new dll.



We have finished the beta2 development for the product. Please check it out.

[http://www.aspose.com/Community/Blogs/aspose.network/archive/2007/05/13/aspose_network_parse_microsoft_outlook_message_files.aspx ](https://forum.aspose.com/Community/Blogs/aspose.network/archive/2007/05/13/aspose_network_parse_microsoft_outlook_message_files.aspx)

It is great it you can provide some feedbacks.


I have downloaded the beta2 (following the link), but I didn’t find the new namespace Aspose.Network.Outlook. Could you double check to see it is there? Thank you!