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Get Textbox objects in sheet

I can insert textbox in my sheet. but if sheet has textbox before, i can't get old textboxes.

aspose.cells version -->;

code sample;

foreach(Aspose.Cells.TextBox mytextbox in sheet.TextBoxes)


mytextbox.Text = mytextbox.Text.Replace(sFind,sReplace);


Aspose.Cells doesn’t support to access old textboxes in template files now.

hello again,

your answer means that It is not possible or can be developed in few times. this so important for me. please help me getting textboxes in sheet.

Best regards

Ahmet Demirel

We will investigate this feature. However, based on our past experience, this is a complex feature and we don’t think it’s possible to make it in a short time. And we have some other urgent feature requests on hand.