Get Units of Paragraph Properties in Word Document C# | Left Indent Right Indent Space Before Space After

I want to get the unit of LeftIndent , RightIndent , SpaceBefore and SpaceAfter.Such as inch , lines,centimeter or character, not only pound


For example, you can use Aspose.Words for .NET to convert LeftIndent , RightIndent , SpaceBefore and SpaceAfter values to inches.

Paragraph para = doc.FirstSection.Body.FirstParagraph;
double inches = Aspose.Words.ConvertUtil.PointToInch(para.ParagraphFormat.LeftIndent);

The ConvertUtil Class provides helper functions to convert between various measurement units. Hope, this helps.

Thank you for your helper.
Unit.jpg (49.6 KB)
I want to get this property showed in the picture .Not the ConvertUtil Class to convert values.

if I set the SpaceAfter as one line , I want to get the value of SpaceAfter : one line , not 15.6 pound.
I find if I set one line , the value is 21.75 pound in office2019 and 15.6 pound in office2016. (23.7 KB)


We have logged your requirement in our issue tracking system. Your ticket number is WORDSNET-20001. We will further look into the details of these requirements and will keep you updated on the status of the linked issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Regarding WORDSNET-20001, please note that Aspose.Words is similar to MS Word VBA rather than MS Word application GUI. LeftIndent, FirstLineIndent, RightIndent, SpaceAfter and SpaceBefore properties values are always measured in Points. See ParagraphFormat object (Word) for reference.

But, VBA also has some more properties related to Asian typography. Please see following Word VBA API reference

Please tell us, will you be satisfied if we implement these properties in Aspose.Words API as well?

Yes,of course.These properties will be very helpful for me.


Thanks for the details. We will inform you via this thread as soon as these properties will be implemented in Aspose.Words API in future.

I want to know when these properties can be implemented. I’m expecting these properties.


I am afraid, there are no estimates available at the moment. We will inform you via this thread as soon as this issue will be resolved or any ETA of this issue may be available. We apologize for your inconvenience.


Regarding WORDSNET-20001, it is to update you that the rough preliminary estimate is Aspose.Words’ 20.5 (May 2020) release. Please note that this estimate is not final at the moment. If everything goes by plan, then we will include these properties in 20.5 version of Aspose.Words. Rest assured, we will inform you via this thread as soon as the linked issue is resolved.

I have seen the latest 20.4 version Release Notes, you’ve added those properties already, thanks for handling our questions. But there is one more problem, the return type of those properties is Int32, they can be set as double in Word. Can you change the return type of those properties to double?


Thanks for your feedback. We have logged your requirement in our issue tracking system and will keep you posted on any further updates.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-20001) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for .NET 20.4 update and this Aspose.Words for Java 20.4 update.


We have changed (return) types of these properties from int to double now. So, please upgrade to the latest 20.5 version of Aspose.Words for .NET from the following links:

Thanks for solving this issue and keeping me informed, this will help us a lot. However our license allows free upgrades until Apr, is it possible to provide some ways to use this version or other way to avoid this problem.

Best regards.


The only solution would be to upgrade your license subscription or request a 30-day Temporary License to be able to use/evaluate latest versions of Aspose.Words on your end. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

We have decided to upgrade our license later, I really appreciate your help.


Sure, please let us know any time you may have any further queries in future.